POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - July 1rst, 2019 – Our experts in the assembly workshop

July 1rst, 2019 – Our experts in the assembly workshop

We recruit professionals the assembly workshop

Our products are assembled by professionals.
This does not prevent us from having to be continuously trained on new products.
For this reason, the most experienced people pass on their knowledge.

Let’s listen to Ombeline in this video!

Manufacturing procedures are also continuously renewed and made available in the workshop by a person in charge of the assembly and test procedures.

The drawings are made available in order to understand each sub-set.
The professional can therefore read drawings and technical documents.

The work is done in close collaboration with the quality department, method department, design office…. to answer questions and improve manufacturing in all its aspects.

The necessary working tools are provided. These are regularly renewed in order to guarantee the constant quality of work.

The professional decides on the best way to organize his work based on the quantity of parts to be manufactured.

He fixes templates to facilitate assembly and improve accuracy.
There is no production chain work. The assembly is generally done for all the devices alone, from beginning to end.

Of course, depending on the complexity and quantity of devices to be assembled, this work can be shared between several people.

The specialist must therefore organize himself as well as possible to optimize the assembly time with the allocated space.

He can discuss each constraint with his manager in order to find the best solution.

The PDCA is the Plan-Do-Check-Act, a way to manage improvements using a sheet that everyone must complete when a problem arises.
This makes it possible to continuously improve production, and to inform the quality that is responsible for solving the problem at the source and to inform the applicant.

The professional must also perform manual part finishing operations, such as drilling, deburring or sanding.

He also has to glue during assembly and use other products that require knowledge of basic safety rules.

For some devices, he must carry out electrical wiring operations.

It is essential to know the safety rules.
The wearing of personal safety equipment is mandatory. Dress code is also important to protect important members.

The devices are tested in a department adjacent to the assembly workshop.
For some devices these tests are necessary to adjust the parameters, and therefore the device make a round trip to be finalized during assembly.

To start working in the assembly workshop, you have to be very agile, know how to work with precision, be good at solving problems and have good mechanical knowledge!

Finally, knowing how to work in a team is essential, because helping others, coaching, communicating, joining the brainstorming are daily activities.

It is something to be proud of, at the end of the day, when the products assembled with precision and rigour, and after having been tested, are packed and sent to the four corners of the earth.

These products may save lives and homes or industries, and who knows, make others want to join us.

Thank you to all our specialist in the assembly workshop for their outstanding work.

Thank you to Ombeline, Ghislaine and Oliver for this news.


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